Coronavirus Update

Phone Consultations

Phone consultations have been initiated to help our local community to better manage the coronavirus pandemic. These measures are aimed at protecting high risk patients (elderly, those with chronic disease, or immunosuppressed).

These consultations can occur in place of a clinic consultation. We encourage non-essential appointments (scripts, paperwork, general advice etc) to be conducted over the phone. Please call us on 5981 8555 or click here to book a phone consultation.

All Patients with cold/flu symptoms are required to have a telephone consultation before they will be seen in our clinic. Consultations for other matters (eg, non-respiratory infections, fractures, lacerations, mental health) will continue as per normal. Please do not let a serious illness deteriorate for the sake of isolation.

When you have booked a telephone consultation, please be aware that your practitioner will ring you as close as possible to your appointment time. Please ensure you are available to take the call. Also please note that the call may come from a ‘blocked’ number as the practitioner may be calling from a personal phone. All phone consultations will be bulk billed.

Please phone us if you require any additional information – 5981 8555.


Dr Paul Heathcote.